Refractory Engineering

Linck Refractory Service LLC is a refractories engineering consulting, inspections and testing company providing independent and objective refractory expertise to the power, hydrocarbon processing, pulp and paper and mineral processing industries. Linck Refractory Services LLC has worked in the development of refractory industry standards and best practices, as well as alternative solutions for refractory to solutions to problems and failures with refractory linings.

LRS has engineered refractory linings used in Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler, Biomass Boilers, Flexi and Fluid Cokers, Coke Calcining, FCCU’s, Sulfur Recovery Units, Furnaces, and Pulverized Coal Boilers. Linck Refractory Service LLC engineering capabilities include

  • Thermal Expansion
  • Stress and Creep Analysis,
  • Thermal Conductivity Analysis,
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA),
  • Root Cause Analysis (including catastrophic failure)
  • Metallurgical Analysis

Linck Refractory Services LLC has specialized in engineered solutions of refractories linings in multiple industries. LRS has taken the proactive approach of material certification through testing materials based on Industry Standards established in multiple regions. LRS provides cost-effective and sensible decisions based on experience in the engineering of refractory linings in multiple industries which are predicated on the implementation of industry standards balanced with value engineering for the end users capital projects, unplanned repairs and maintenance of existing equipment.

Refractory Design Services

Linck Refractory Services LLC has extensive hands-on experience in the design, installation, maintenance, investigative analysis and inspection of refractory linings. LRS design experience focuses on refractory linings used in Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler, Biomass Boilers, Flexi and Fluid Cokers, Coke Calcining, FCCU’s, Sulfur Recovery Units, Furnaces, and Pulverized Coal Boilers. Linck Refractory Service LLC specializes in

  • Preparation of job scope
  • Refractory system investigation,
  • Creation and review of project specifications,
  • Performance of detailed design reviews,
  • Preparation and review of Work Method Statements (WMS),
  • Preparation and review of Inspection Test Plans (ITP)
  • Review of refractory products.

Through the use of rigorous quality control procedures while monitoring refractory installation; our clients are ensured a high quality finished product. In addition to installation oversight, LRS can provide timely material testing for material qualification, in service installation and existing material analysis in accordance with the latest Industry Standards including ASTM, DIN, ISO, AS, .

Refractory Inspection Services

Linck Refractory Services will supply highly qualified inspectors for shop surveillance, new construction, and maintenance activities. Linck Refractory Service will ensure the manufacture of the refractory materials meets the required project specifications. LRS can assist in the selection of materials and establish specific maintenance protocols for the repair of the refractory linings. Linck Refractory Service monitors the refractory installation process through all stages of the project including specification, design review, applicator qualification, contractor selection, installation method, installation procedures, through review and monitoring of dry-out procedures

  • Creation of Quality Control Program
  • Administration of the Quality Assurance Programs
  • Turnaround / Outage inspection service
  • New construction
  • Shop surveillance
  • Maintenance Inspection
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Thermal dry out procedures
  • Refractory laboratory services
  • API 936 certified inspectors
  • Detailed Written Reports
  • Refractory Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis

Linck Refractory Service LLC offers a Long Term Refractory Assessment Program which assists the end user with the planning and budgeting of maintenance of the refractory linings.

Project Administration
Edward Linck has over 60 years of experience in design, engineering and management of refractory projects in the petroleum and power industry working for various contractors and OEM’s. Prior to retiring from Foster Wheeler in 2005, he was senior engineer specializing design and installation of refractory linings for the power, petrochem and heater groups. During his career, Mr. Linck has participated in construction of all types of petrochemical units and power boilers applications along with the design, inspection, quality control and dry outs of these refractory linings.

He has managed the refractory portion of over 100+ refinery turnarounds and the refractory design and construction of over 75 Circulating Fluid Bed Boilers in North America and the engineering, design, procurement specifications and oversight of 100+ CFB Boilers for international customers. Mr. Linck’s experience included the full spectrum of major refining units including FCCU’s, SRA’s, fired heaters, reformers, reactors as well other equipment for domestic and international markets.

Corporate Qualifications Linck Refractory Services, LLC – CEO F. E. Linck
Mr. Linck has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University and MBA degree from University of Houston. He completed his Master of Science degree program in Civil Engineering at University of Pennsylvania before transferring to Houston, Texas. He is co-author on 2 US patents and has been an active member of the API Refractories Task Force since it formation. He was a member of the ACI 547 Refractory group, which he was chairman for 6 years This period included the ACI sponsored installation program seminars to demonstrate the “state of the art” techniques that were incorporated in the ACI 547 Refractory Concrete and Refractory Plastic manuals. Mr. Linck formed Linck Refractory Services, LLC upon his retirement from Foster Wheeler USA in 2006 and has continued to participate in the API Standards meeting. In addition, Mr. Linck continues as a consultant for the Refractory Group with PIP (Process Industry Practices) hosted by University of Texas which has been actively writing industry standard specification for the petrochemical industry.

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