Long-Term Maintenance Plans

Linck Refractory Service has prepared and monitored 3 - 6 Years Long-Term Maintenance programs for customers with two major goals in mind.

Linck Refractory Service first goal is to assemble a maintenance program where the customer can schedule both critical and normal maintenance items into a timeframe that keeps the refractory repairs off the critical path of the outage schedule.

LRS Can Budget
Linck Refractory Services second goal is to save the customer money. The inception of the program itself is structured a review of the maintenance records of the customers current maintenance program, surveys of the units under operational conditions and an inspection of the refractory linings during the outage /turnaround. Linck Refractory Service will assemble a practical preventative maintenance program that will result in lower refractory costs over the long term. LRS has assisted customers to handle this effort “in house” through training of plant personnel in all aspects of maintenance of refractory linings which has included inspections of the refractory linings as well as the budgeting process to assemble the long term maintance plan

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If this is what you want in a plan, you should consider having Long Term Maintenance Plans prepared your plant.