Applicator Prequalification

Linck Refractory Service recommends performing applicator prequalifications for all personnel involved in the installation of refractory materials. Linck Refractory Services has written, monitored and supervised applicator prequalifications when required by the specification or contract for the following installation methods:

  • Vibration casting
  • Casting of self flow materials
  • Pump casting - Lightweight and dense materials
  • Dry Gunning
  • Wet Gunning
  • Ramming Plastic
  • Brick

Linck Refractory Services inspectors typically perform the following tasks during the applicator prequalifications:

  • Verification and witnessing during the installation of the mock up
  • Verification and witnessing of the individual samples
  • Verification and witnessing of the gunning trails for dry and wet gunned products
  • Pre inspection of the gunned samples and selection of the specimen for testing
  • Provide written reports related to the applicator prequalification for project documentation

When the applicator prequalification has been completed, Linck Refractory Service will review the test results from the manufacturers or third party laboratory to verify compliance with the projects specification.