Installation Inspection

Linck Refractory Service inspectors ensure that construction meets contract specifications and the installation conforms to industry standards that are applicable to the project / maintenance program.

Linck Refractory Services inspectors typically perform the following tasks:

  • Inspect all refractory lined surfaces where access is provided
  • Review plans to ensure they meet building codes, local ordinances, and state regulations
  • Monitor construction sites during the installation ensure overall compliance to the specification
  • Use survey instruments, metering devices, and test equipment to perform inspections
  • Verify alignment, level, and elevation of refractory structures to ensure compliance to the design
  • Keep daily logs, including photographs taken during inspection and issue a daily report related to installation activities
  • Provide written reports related to the installation

When the project is finished, Linck Refractory Service inspectors will perform a final, comprehensive inspection and provide both oral and written feedback related to the findings of the final inspection. Linck Refractory Services will ensure the installation maps have been completed in accordance with the customer’s requirements as well as provide recommendations for future maintenance requirement based on the inspection.