Material Manufacturing Inspection

Linck Refractory Services can provide inspectors to examine products and materials at the manufacturer to verify the refractory products for defects or deviations from specifications.

Inspectors at a manufacturer typically include the following:

  • Measurement of Structure (MOS) inspection for bricks, special shapes and precast monolithic shapes
  • Random inspection of the individual shaped components to ensure there are no laminations or damage sections in these items
  • Monitor the operations to ensure the manufacturer meets production and testing standards
  • Selection of the samples for testing at the manufacturer’s or third party laboratory
  • Ensure the Chain of Custody has been completed for the turnover of the samples to the third party laboratory
  • Witness testing of physical properties at the manufacturer’s or third party laboratory
  • Accept or reject finished items
  • Report inspection and test data

Linck Refractory Service can also verify status of production for the materials manufactured at the plant as well as verify the manufacturing date for the monolithic materials will be valid for the scheduled installation of the materials at site.