The key to Linck Refractory Service LLC’s reputation for excellence is adherence to a stringent Quality Program which is administered by the LRS’s Quality Assurance Manager. Each employee of LRS is responsible for the quality of work and the overall implementation of the program. LRS project managers establish the scope of work with our clients, schedules the required manpower, follows the job, and reviews final reports.

The fundamental elements of our success are a combination of highly trained people, documented procedures, and technologically advanced equipment. Job-specific training is provided to all project personnel to assure that proficiency is achieved and maintained. All technical personnel participate in continuing education and in-house training programs to maintain a high level of technical expertise in each discipline. Our certification program meets the guidelines established by the API 936 certification program. LRS has established in-house classifications that begin with trainees and advance to senior inspectors.

LRS utilizes a formal corporate Quality Audit Program to evaluate the quality of work, the training programs, and equipment calibration status at each office on an annual basis. LRS conducts audits to ensure continuity, procedural implementation, and technical review throughout our organization.

Quality Policy

Linck Refractory Service has a commitment to each of our customers to provide a superior service performed with a commitment to Quality which is accomplished through continuing education, technical training, and utilization of the latest equipment and techniques.

Linck Refractory Service strives to work with each of our clients to quickly identify potential issues through the acquisition of crucial inspection data. The data collected from the inspection will be presented in an organized manner to aid the client in assessing the condition of the refractory lining and establishment of safe and cost-effective resolution to the problem.

Linck Refractory Service stated policy with regards to Quality is to exceed our customers' expectations by the continual improvement and development of our employees, our processes, and our services. Our programs are founded on our belief that quality is teamwork and the team is comprised of every employee, each of whom must take a responsible role in careful implementation of work throughout all levels of our organization.