The primary source of reliability is based on simple concepts used by Linck Refractory Service which will provide a refractory lining that is based on good engineering and industry practices for the particular application.

These concepts are:

  1. Specification of the Correct Materials
  2. Engineering and Design of the Refractory Lining
  3. Prequalification of the installation techniques and crew
  4. Installation - installation - installation

Linck Refractory Service has participated and promoted the development of many of the industry standard practices utilized in the prequalification and testing of refractory materials used in petrochemical and power projects.

LRS has cooperated with manufactures to develop unique materials and application techniques for specific processes in both power and process. LRS’s understanding of materials transcends the standard practices used by most in the industry which has resulted in unique materials and applications to solve industry problems.

The design of refractory lining involved the application of good engineering practices that balance the operational aspects of the equipment with the critical elements required in the refractory lining. These elements include the balancing of the design of the anchoring / tie back systems, the thermal expansion, hot load deformation and the thermal profiles into the design of the refractory lining to accommodate issues related to abrasion, corrosion, thermal mechanical attack and strength issues caused by operation of the unit. The final result is the preparation of a refractory lining that incorporates the all aspects of the engineering and design that will provide a reliable refractory lining for the project.

Linck Refractory Service incorporates the prequalification of the installation techniques and crews for all projects requiring the installation of refractory linings. The prequalification process is based on the API standard which includes all aspects of the installation process. Additionally LRS typically specifies the prequalification and testing all personnel installing welded components based on relevant ASME or AWS standards prior to application. LRS recognizes the refractory design is only as good as the installation therefore the prequalification of personnel is one key aspect of the installation process.

Improper installation of the design is a primary cause for failure for many refractory lining therefore Linck Refractory Service recommends a simple process of planning the installation through the preparation of installation procedures, quality verification documentation and site monitoring / audits to verify the correct implementation of the intended design.