Work Procedures - Work Method Statement (WMS)

A work procedure is typically defined as a step by step sequence of activities with a definite start and end point that must be followed in the same sequence in order to correctly perform the task.

In the case of refractory installation, the work procedure is a critical component that provides the connectivity between the project design and specification, the material supplier’s instructions and the actual installation.

A proper work procedure should provide the connectivity between all aspects of the installation in order to result in the desired outcome of the installation.

Current projects and maintenance programs have incorporated the Safety component into the work procedure which has changed the standard procedure into the Safe Work Method Statement or the Work Method Statement. Linck Refractory Services has incorporated the requirement for a the work method statements into each of their project / maintenance specifications to ensure that there are a clear and concise set of installation instructions for the work crew to follow for each of the work tasks.

In addition, LRS has stipulated that the installation crew have both training of the work method and access to the documentation during the installation phase. In the case of international projects or locations where English is a second language, the work method statements have been translated into the local language for a clear understanding of the requirements.

Since communication is critical to the successful installation of refractory linings, Linck Refractory Services has made it a practice to translate various work method statements into the following languages to support the installation of the refractory:

  • Arabic,
  • Australian,
  • Chinese,
  • French,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Polish,
  • Tagalog,
  • Thai